G3X Jetpack and Battery

All of the boards in the Radinn range are fully modular, meaning the Radinn G3X jetpack and Lithium battery pack can be removed and fitted to any Explore, Freeride or Carve board.

The Radinn jetboard G3X Jetpack is powerful and virtually silent thanks to its electric powered jet which is also tucked inside the rear of the board to provide safety to the rider. It’s perfectly suited to all conditions from the near frozen lakes of Norway to the sunny climates in the Meditteranean.
You can easily control your speed with the included wireless hand controller and slowly cruise along calm waters at up to 40km/h.
The G3X Pro upgrade takes the Radinn jetboards to the next level. The maximum speed of the board is now up to 56km/h and it will get from 0 to 30km/h in just a few seconds. Upgrades are carried out by our technicians in the UK, so no need to buy another jetpack. Just bring it in to us at PSI Marine and we’ll do it for you.
The Radinn Lithium battery pack easily slots in to any board in the Radinn range and has a standard ride time of up to 25mins, they are completely upgradable to Extended range (35mins) and Long range (45mins) upgrades are carried out by our technicians at PSI Marine in the UK, so almost no down time.